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O-Bun: So Many Ways to Say Bau Bun Yum

The word “bao” means bun, and at Pran Central's O-Bun it means a pillowy-soft steamed bun bursting with authentic Asian flavours and ingredients. Not only does O-Bun serve up fantastically flavourful bao buns baked fresh daily, but the shop has enough intriguing combinations to keep you coming back for more, and more.

O-Bun bao buns cover all bases, with bao buns featuring fillings suitable for breakfast, lunch, snacking, dinner and a variety of tastes. Vegetarian bao buns are on the menu, as are meal-ready rice boxes and sides like bao bun fries. Dine in or takeaway options available, with speedy, friendly customer service that never fails to serve up a smile.

Chicken, Beef and Pork Menu Items

Chicken, beef and pork are some of the most popular bao bun fillings at O-Bun, and you have several ways to enjoy them. The Kimchi Bun is stuffed with beef, onion, kimchi and sriracha sauce, while pork is the featured filling in the Hog Bun and Char-Siu Bun. Chicken takes center stage in the Hen’s Bun, and you can also get your chicken fix with the O-Bun Chicken Box.

Seafood and Vegetarian Bao Buns

Soft shell crab is the star of the Creeper Bun, while the F-O-F Bun is stuffed with panko crumbled fish fillet, cheese and a housemade garlic aioli. Vegetarians can delight in the tantalizing To Bun. The fillings in this bao bun include fried tofu, pickled mustard, coriander and peanuts cascaded in Hoisin sauce.

Other O-Bun Menu Options

Start your day with a bacon, egg and cheese Brekkie Bun. End your meal with The Sweet BJ, a deep-fried bun with Ben & Jerry’s flavour of the day ice cream. Go for a rice box or, better yet, a rice box and bao bun combination that’ll make you happy any time of the day.

The next time hunger hits, head to O-Bun in Pran Central for an authentic Asian treat.

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