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Bakers Delight: Goodness so Fresh You Can Taste It

Bakers Delight

Fresh-baked goodness is one of the elements that has made Bakers Delight a household name, but it’s certainly not the only one. The people behind the goodness are key contributors to the overall delight.

Damien and the team at Bakers Delight at Prahran Central are a prime example of that delight in action. Not only are they up at the wee hours of the morning to open the Prahran shop by 7 a.m. every day, but they’re just as enthusiastic about serving up the generous selection of fresh-baked goodies as the customers are about enjoying them.

Bakers Delight Range

Whether you’re in the mood for savoury, sweet or the phenomenal everyday classics, Bakers Delight Prahran has you covered.

Everyday Classics

Dive into a variety of fresh bread loaves, rolls, baguettes and breadsticks in white and wholemeal options.


Sate your sweet tooth with a mouthwatering batch of Bakers Delight scones, brioches, scrolls, Danishes, rolls, logs and buns.


Relish the savoury taste of bakery goodness spruced up to create fulfilling meals and snacks. Choose pizza, flavoured rolls, or frankfurts in Savoury Bites.

Dietary Delights

Healthy eating is delicious eating with the Prahran bakery’s selections that meet dietary needs.

Healthy Solutions

Vitamins, minerals and wholegrain goodness are included in the lineup of breads crafted for specific health benefits.

Looking for low FODMAP bread?

Bakers Delight Prahran Central has you covered here, too. The bakery has partnered with Monash University to provide lab-tested, LowFOD loaves and rolls.


Take your Bakers Delight enjoyment to the next level with a collection of signature recipes that create gratifying meals, desserts, sandwiches and snacks. Browse the Bakers Delight recipes for options that range from chocolate mousse cob to minestrone soup bowls.

Swing by Bakers Delight Prahran Central shop to get a firsthand look – or taste – at the delicacies Damien and the team prepare daily just for you.

Trading Hours


7:00am - 7.30pm


7:00am - 7.30pm


7:00am - 7.30pm


7:00am - 7.30pm


7:00am - 7.30pm


7:00am - 6.00pm


7:00am - 6.00pm

Trading hours may vary on public holidays - please check directly with the store

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