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To book an appointment call us on : 1300 770 586

Just Dental Group is a dental clinic in Prahran that provides quality dental care. In addition to general dental check-ups and teeth cleaning, they offer a range of general and restorative dental services. From dental fillings, dentures, veneers and teeth whitening to root canal therapy, wisdom tooth extraction, dry mouth treatment, gum disease treatment and more, there’s nothing they can’t help you with. They also have an emergency dentist who can respond to trauma situations and a paediatric dentist who can address issues with children’s dental health. They are highly skilled and experienced at what they do. In addition, they offer specials for new patients as well as a price guarantee of 5% if you can find a better quote elsewhere. 

Discover Just Dental Group's No Gap Dental Service!

At Just Dental Group, we understand that dental care is essential, and concerns about the cost shouldn't stand in the way of maintaining optimal oral health. We are thrilled to introduce our No Gap Dental service in Melbourne, designed to provide quality dental check-ups without the financial worry.

What is No Gap Dental?

No Gap Dental at Just Dental Group means you can receive comprehensive dental check-ups without any out-of-pocket expenses, up to your yearly limit, if you have private health insurance. We take pride in making dental care not only accessible but also affordable for our valued patients.

What Does No Gap Dental Mean for You?

  • Coverage of Gap Amount: With our gap free dental policy, we cover the gap amount that may not be included in your health insurance, ensuring you won't face unexpected out-of-pocket expenses for certain dental treatments.
  • Affordable Preventative Care: Visiting our No Gap Dental clinic makes it more affordable for you to access preventative dental treatments, including dental examinations, gum checks, scaling, cleaning, plaque and stain removal, tartar/calculus removal, decay prevention, X-rays, fluoride treatments, and intraoral radiographs.

Conditions of No Gap Dental Treatment:

To avail of our No Gap Dental treatment, please ensure:

  • You are insured on the day of your dental check-up.
  • Present your current health fund card on the day of treatment.
  • Have not reached your annual monetary or service limits.
  • Keep your insurance premiums up to date.

Contact our dentist in Prahran today to book an appointment. 

Offers and Events

Just Dental offer no gap dental services for patients with eligible private health insurance. Call now to learn more & to book an appointment.