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Stylish Sunglass Styles This Spring

14 Sep 2016

Stylish Sunglass Styles This Spring


BO SUN RX 05 By Hugo Boss

Hang out in the sun like a true boss with the Sun RX 05 sunglasses from the new BOSS ORANGE collection by Hugo Boss, which boasts standard single vision lenses and through its scratch-resistant treatment, assures no matter how hard you like to play - they can handle the heat! The square frame is particularly ideal for oval-shaped faces.


AP SUN RX 09 By Alex Perry

Timeless, chic and forever the Top Gun of sunglasses thanks to Tom Cruise, the eye-catching AP SUN RX 09 from Alex Perry combines the bold aviator frame with a refined gold metallic trim to have you in control this Spring. These sunglasses are complete with standard single vision lenses and a scratch-resistant treatment, while the aviator frame proves the perfect choice for those with bold facial features.


ELLERY SUN RX 04 By Ellery

The ELLERY x Specsavers collection is pure elegance, featuring a range of on-trend prescription sunglasses. Showing such poise, the ELLERY SUN RX 04 is absolutely stunning, embodying two of this season's hottest trends; the turquoise shell and the cat eye. The cat eye is always the opulent-modern choice, especially for round faces.


CONVERSE SUN RX 04 By Converse

If you're a fan of the shoes, then you'll know that when it comes to quality accessories - Converse ace it every time. You'll be ready to chill out in no time with the ultra-cool yet durable CONVERSE SUN RX 04 sunglasses, which you can count on for the ultimate groove. The classic sporty wayfarer frame is surely one of the most versatile sunglass frames; suitable for almost every face type.



Don't be afraid to standout, embrace your individuality and rock who you are with the OSIRIS SUN RX LUCE from Osiris, which like the god of afterlife of the same name, is no stranger to courage. Sophisticated, urban-chic and having the essential groove, the retro frame, like the over-sized frame, effortlessly creates the illusion of having a longer face - primarily beneficial for more heart-shaped faces.

Find the perfect frame for your face type at Pran Central's Specsavers Australia, open 7 days a week, where you'll find a wide range of both luxury and affordable eyewear brands to keep you looking stylish this Spring regardless of your pocket size.

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