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Keeping It Fresh: 7 Tips For Better Bread

Keeping It Fresh: 7 Tips For Better Bread

1. Freeze It…

...but don’t refrigerate it. This method is especially beneficial when preserving homemade bread and if you wrap the bread well enough in plastic without any chance of moisture or condensation occurring then you can achieve up to even 2 months. Though, keeping bread frozen for this long is most likely to rid the flavour so it’s important to decide upon a reasonable amount of time. It’s highly recommended to slice your bread before wrapping and freezing it as it helps the bread to thaw quicker, which also makes for great toast as soon as you grab a slice out of the freezer. At Bakers Delight, all bread is remarkably suitable for storing in your freezer for up to four months.

2. Thaw It

Thawing your bread before wrapping and freezing not only keeps your bread fresher for much longer, but it also significantly assists in maintaining the flavour. Our friends over at Bakers Delight suggest using one of two ways for thawing where you can either remove the seal and then leave the bread to naturally defrost in its original packaging, or you can wrap the bread in a paper towel and then microwave it on high for 10-second intervals but be careful to not overcook it.

3. Use a Plastic or Bread Bag

If you intend on eating your bread within the first few days without refrigerating it then you must ensure you store it in a cool place at room temperature. In doing so, it’s best to put your bread into either a plastic bag or a bread bag to avoid dryness. When using a bag, confirm it’s absolutely sealed and that you’re using a breathable plastic because even the tiniest hole can affect the bread by letting in moisture and incubation from water. This tip is most useful in drier climates.

4. Resurrect Your Bread Box

There’s a reason why these boxes were just so hip back in the old days and it’s because they were actually good for preservation as they provide the perfect balance of air circulation where they let the bread breathe, but they also prevent exposure to excess air which dries the bread. And today, the great news is that you can buy a bread box in all kinds of shapes and with cool designs for matching your kitchen interior.

5. Use a Cloth

And for those without enough room for a bread box, you can attain the same successful results by just using a fresh cloth or kitchen towel to cover your bread and then you place this covered bread into a paper bag. This technique also helps to uphold the crust of your bread from becoming weak.

6. Cut Off The Outsides…

…. and still enjoy the inside! Sometimes when you leave your bread out for longer than you should you’ll notice that the outer edges become stiff, but if you cut the outsides what you may find inside is a perfectly nice piece. But you’ll never know until you get slicing! If inside is sufficient enough, then it’s best to eat sooner than later or you can alternatively store the rest of the bread by using one of our prior tips.

7. Get Creative

If there’s enough life worth saving, get inspired and don’t ever underestimate the power of toasting! Transform your bread into breadcrumbs, cut it up into slices and then freeze it, toast it or even add its remnants into your next salad!

And for more tips and tricks from the bakers who know how to keep your bread fresh, visit Bakers Delight.