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5 mins with chef Ryo Kitahara at Third Wave Cafe

26 Sep 2013

5 mins with chef Ryo Kitahara at Third Wave Cafe

Ryo Kitahara was born in Kagawa City, close to Osaka, Japan – the food-centric city of Japan.

At the age of 19, he successfully applied to the prestigious Tsuji Cookery School in Osaka, the biggest and most important culinary institute in Japan, where guest lecturers included numerous 3-michelin star chefs.

Upon completion of his schooling, he was waiter/chef at Dantes, a small 16-seater, aiding the owner in the kitchen and on the floor. This two year stint was followed by a year at Papier Luna, a casual French eatery in Osaka.

It wasn’t until he began at Iron Chef Hiroyuki Sakai’s eponymous restaurant, La Rochelle Osaka, in Tokyo as Commis-chef that he started to make a name for himself. After 2 years, he was promoted to Senior Sous-Chef, and was quickly promoted again to open Sakai’s Modern Restaurant Tapas as Head Chef. After a year, he returned to La Rochelle as Head Chef.

In 2006, He moved to Australia, and took a post at Azuma in Sydney as Pastry Chef of the 1-hat restaurant, before spending 4 years at Gallileo in the Observatory Hotel in Sydney.

As Executive Chef of Duck Duck Goose, Ryo is at the forefront of the haute-cuisine de Franco-Nippon movement.

To this day, Iron Chef Sakai still refers to Ryo as his star protégé, and is the leading chef-aid to Sakai during his upcoming trip to Australia. He welcomes you to experience his humble dishes at Duck Duck Goose.

Since Duck Duck Goose, Ryo was appointed head chef at Heirloom – a large French Japanese fusion restaurant. Ryo was instrumental in making Heirloom a highly desirable destination with distinct flavour combinations.