4 Benefits of Playing the Lottery

Winning the lottery may be one of the greatest perks you can imagine, but you can also get a slew of benefits just from playing the game.



Thinking about how you’d put your winnings use taps into your imagination to discover your dreams. You may envision buying a new house, new car or traveling around the world.

Daydreaming can be fun, as well as productive. While you’re thinking about all those things you’d do with loads of money, you may find you can work toward some of them in the here and now. You could amend some of them to be more feasible and attainable, even if you don't win a lotto jackpot.


Every time you put down money to play the lotto, that money is going to good work. Sixty cents out of every dollar you spend on Australia’s Official Lotteries goes towards the winners, which means you’re helping to fuel other people’s dreams.

Some of the money goes to community initiatives, like schools, hospitals and sports groups. Australia’s lotto contributed more than $1.1 billion to such causes in fiscal year 2017. Some of the money also goes towards supporting the local business where you purchased your tickets. They receive a lottery commission as part of every lotto purchase.


Being in the running for millions of dollars is a pretty good perk, especially when you compare the price of a ticket or two to the amount of the current jackpot. Lottery games give you an affordable way to try your luck, and a juicy payday if that luck is on your side. However generally if you're looking to increase your wealth you can't go past investing in stocks.


One final benefit of playing the lottery is the fun that comes with it. You get to chat with the shop clerks and other players as you’re getting your tickets, and then enjoy the thrill of anticipation as you wait to see if you’re a winner.

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