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4 Bao Bun Fillings You Must Try from O-Bun

31 Oct 2018

The perfect bao bun has two components. One is a soft, fluffy, freshly baked bun. The other is irresistible bun fillings that make your mouth dance with glee. O-Bun at Pran Central Shopping Centre has both bases covered, providing you with the perfect bao bun every time. If you're not sure which option to choose, these top four favourites are a great place to start.

Hog Bun

The Hog Bun is packed with heavenly fillings that are absolutely delicious. Slow-cooked pork belly is combined with cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon, which is a mild white Asian radish. The fillings are topped off with crushed peanuts and hoisin sauce, resulting in a tender, tantalising combination of tastes.

Char-Siu Bun

For a bao bun bursting with salty, tangy and sweet flavour, the Char-Siu Bun gives you a range of flavours all rolled into one fine bun. As one of the most sensational bao buns on the menu, the fillings consist of tender roast barbecue pork mingled with Asian slaw and hoisin sauce.

Hen’s Bun

Life wouldn’t be complete without a chicken bao bun option, and O-Bun whips up one that features a fabulous dash of crunchy and sweet. The Hen Bun fillings are a mix of crunchy fried chicken, pickled carrots and daikon topped with a dollop of sweet chilli mayo.

The Sweet BJ

O-Bun has so many different ways to enjoy bao buns, it’s not surprising to find one filled with ice cream on the list. Whether you’re looking for a dandy dessert or a pick-me-up snack, the Sweet BJ bun is where it’s at. This wildly popular pick features a deep-fried bun with Ben & Jerry’s flavour of the day ice cream nestled inside.

O-Bun bao buns are delight no matter what fillings you choose, and you can get the delight started by putting these four fillings at the top of your must-try list. Swing by O-Bun at Pran Central for breakfast, lunch or a snack today. Open 7 days!



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