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Don't Lose It, Cold Press Juice It

Don't Lose It, Cold Press Juice It

Why is it unique?

You attain more protein, more vitamins and definitely more nutrients from having a cold pressed juice than having a supermarket fruit juice that’s most likely packed with sugar. Your average health juice is made from a centrifugal juicer using a fast spinning metal blade, which actually breaks apart and exposes the produce to air while adding heat. This process actually rids your ingredients from the very nutrients you’re trying to preserve. Unlike this, cold pressed juice is made from a masticating juicer which presses and grinds your fruit and vegetables where no heat is added, so you actually retain the nutrients that your average juice is without.

How does it benefit you?

Not only does cold pressed juice embody a significantly greater nutrient retention than your average juice, but also thanks to its distinctive process, it can contain leafy greens like spinach and kale that your average juice simply cannot. It may be more expensive, but in the long run you’re actually getting your health and money’s worth. Cold press juice delivers a more refined taste with more pulp and a certain thickness as the result of such higher nutrient absorption. From just one juice, you’re attaining several nutrients and essentials that your body needs, while simply cleansing your system and improving your overall wellbeing.

When should you drink one?

Cold pressed juice exceptionally performs as a nutrient booster ideal for incorporating between meals. Depending on the content of the cold pressed juice you choose and your personal health, it’s also possible to drink as a meal replacement, but it’s highly recommended that you’re first maintaining a balanced diet. Cold pressed juice is continually renowned for its power to cleanse the body and to reboot your inner health system. And for those who don’t always have time to eat a plate of fruit and vegetables, having a cold pressed juice is a natural, fast and simple way of ensuring your body consumes the essentials.

Where can you buy one?

While this phenomenon is fast growing, it isn’t available everywhere. Lucky for you, Melbourne’s first cold pressed organic elixir bar, Greene Street Juice Co., specialise in providing 100% organic cold pressed elixirs that you can buy ready to have on the go. Reigning from New York City, Greene Street Juice Co. pride themselves in delivering only the best selection of flavours, herbal extracts, medicinal grade essential oils and superfoods straight from Mother Nature. Choose from the Elixir Bar with flavours like detoxifying delight ‘The Bronx’ and metabolism booster ‘Enlightening Liberty’, or select something from the Cleanse menu like weight loss wonder ‘Love + Light’ or exercise pusher ‘Mover + Shaker’.

For more juicy information, visit Greene Street Juice Co., your mind and body are sure to thank you for it!