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Beating Hayfever tips from U Pharmacy

20 Oct 2014

Hayfever season is well and truly upon us and whilst some of us celebrate in the gorgeous sunshine of Spring, others rue it. Going through the day with itchy eyes, blocked and runny nose and scratchy throat is not fun but you don't have to feel this way with so many options for treating and preventing hayfever and allergies

U Pharmacy pharmacist Sunita has this fantastic holistic advice to give:

  • To treat symptoms quickly and effectively, the mainstayer has been the antihistamine products like Claratyne or Telfast.  Make sure you choose a non drowsy formula to ensure you stay alert and feel great.  Also, if  an antihistamine starts to become ineffective after prolonged use, switch product as you system has become used to the formula.
  • For longer term ongoing prevention maintenance, use an anti-inflammatory nasal spray like Nasonex or Rhinocort on a daily basis throughout the entire hayfever season.  For those that have itchy red eyes, use eyedrops like Zaditen or Naphcon A.  A sinus wash or saline spray used regularly to keep nasal surfaces free of allergens is also a good idea!
  • For those that prefer a more natural alternative, investigate a good allergy probiotic such as Ethical Nutrients Allergy Control.  If this doesn't work, it may be worth investigating dietary triggers as if you have heightened immuno responses to environmental allergens such as pollen, it is likely you may have sensitivity to certain food groups also. 

For more detailed advice, please come in and see our resident pharmacist Sunita and her team at U Pharmacy and hopefully you can enjoy the Spring season and all the good things it has to offer rather than suffering unnecessarily.



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