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Get Lunch Under $10 at Pran Central

09 Nov 2018

Lunch for under $10 is not only possible at Pran Central Shopping Centre, but it’s filling, delicious and on the menu every single day. Check out a lineup of restaurants that serve up swift and affordable eats to sate your cravings during the lunchtime rush.


O-Bun is the king of bao buns at Pran Central, with fresh, steamed buns bursting with authentic Asian flavours and ingredients. Choose from bao bun fillings that range from char siu pork to bulgogi beef. Bao buns start at just $4.20 each, and the two-piece chicken box is also priced at less than $10. Find O-Bun in the food court at Pran Central Shopping Centre.

Sugar Bowl Café

One of the best ways to truly enjoy a cup of the captivating coffee at Sugar Bowl Café is to pair it with one of their baked delicacies. Go for a fresh focaccia packed with gourmet offerings for just $7.50. Choices include chicken, beef, salami and vegetarian, along with a smattering of crisp salads. Find Sugar Bowl Cafe’ in the food court at Pran Central Shopping Centre.

Simply Indian

Simply Indian is simply amazing for affordable Indian food lunches. This Indian restaurant whips up a variety of fresh curries, and you can choose two of them to pair with basmati rice for $9.90. Another terrific choice is the chicken tikka roll encased in fresh-baked naan, a lunch that’s yours for a sweet $9.50. Find Simply Indian in the food court at Pran Central Shopping Centre.

Sakana Japanese

Savor fabulous textures and flavours at Sakana Japanese, where you can find two tantalizing selections for under $10. One is the small teriyaki chicken, served with either noodles or rice, for a keen $9. Sushi fans can opt for mixed pack of sushi for that same $9 price tag. Find Sakana Japanese in the food court at Pran Central Shopping Centre.

Sandwich Chefs

Sandwich Chefs is definitely on the menu for lunches under $10, where you can get half a wrap and drink served up for $9.90. Choose from a mouth-watering array of freshly-baked artisan bread and equally fresh sandwich ingredients, many of which they make from scratch. How does crackling pork or slow-roasted beef sound? Find Sandwich Chefs in the food court at Pran Central Shopping Centre.

Greene Street Juice Co.

If juicing is your joy, head to Greene Street Juice. Enjoy a lineup of pressed juices, juice cleanses, shots and other juice bar selections made with organically delicious ingredients. Juices run around $9, and you have a heavenly range of options. Find Greene St Juice on Commercial Road outside of Pran Central Shopping Centre.

Head to Pran Central for lunch under $10 today, and every day for that matter!



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