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The Benefits of Acupuncture

The Benefits of Acupuncture

1. It's A Natural Alternative

Originating over 2000 years ago, acupuncture offers a holistic approach to treatment by focusing on the main cause of many diseases and illnesses, which is a broken connection and an imbalance between the body and mind. This well established health care system works to restore the connection between the body, mind and the emotions of the individual by restoring the flow of qi through the body's meridians.

During the treatment of acupuncture, thin sterile needles are specifically inserted into the patient's acupuncture points located through the body's meridians, where the practitioner sometimes utilises other techniques such as electro-stimulation and cupping in order to revive these points. This process achieves the clearance of energy blockages within the individual's body and thus, encourages the flow of Qi to become regular again.

A healthy person will have much Qi, otherwise known as life energy, flowing through their body. However, having a stressful lifestyle, eating poorly, bad habits and many other social and environmental factors will heavily impose on a person's ability to maintain good health...and that's where acupuncture comes in.

2. It's Renowned For Its Widespread Treatment

This holistic approach to treatment is renowned for successfully treating the following disorders: psychological conditions including depression and anxiety, cardiovascular diseases like chest pain and high blood pressure, neurological conditions including migraines and trigeminal neuralgia, respiratory conditions such as sinusitis and chronic bronchitis, digestive issues including gastritis and gingivitis, obstetric and gynaecological, musculoskeletal disorders, eye conditions like conjunctivitis and simple cataracts, skin conditions including eczema and acne, and sport-related injuries such as torn ligaments and cartilage problems.

3. Greater Overall Health

Acupuncture continues to attract people of diverse backgrounds and is ever-growing not only for its power to prevent and to heal, but also for its potential in restoring, creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle for every individual. This treatment is also acclaimed for its contribution in achieving weight loss, improved sleep, lessening headache and fatigue, chronic pain relief and for all-inclusively developing a stronger and fitter body.

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