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Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 9

31 May 2013

 Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 9

The other unfortunate thing about this program is that you can’t chew gum, suck breath mints or gargle mouthwash at the very time you need it the most! I am brushing my teeth 4 times a day which I won’t tell my dentist as he’ll have a conniption due to enamel wear and tear!

I find I’m starting to have cravings now and definitely not like the cravings of old. Rather than crave sugar and caffeine, I’m craving salt and fresh veggies. A bowl of veggie soup with lashings of salt would not go astray right now! Sugary treats, chocolate, cups of coffee are all the furthest things from my mind. It just goes to show the cycle I was in, almost like a mini addiction.

I know I haven’t posted any details for a few days about weight loss – I’ve now decided to focus on the end result rather than daily results as some days are good, others are mediocre and I think it’s best to just get to the end of a journey and measure the result then. I know others would feel differently but this is my new tactic.... it means you’ll have to wait to read my last blog to know!

Please note, the 101 Wellness Program is no longer available. Click here for more information on Traditional Chinese Medicine services.