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27 May 2013


This is also the day I wanted to give up. I broke my grandmother’s clock, I lost patience with my children (which I never do) and I cried when my youngest woke me at 5:20am after a restless night. Yes, the Day 5 force was strong with this one!

My inner voice said: “Get in the shower Ally, wash your body, have a cup of tea, ingest your herbs and get on with your day, one hour at a time!” Then, after I’ve gotten out of the shower, I stand at the sink sipping my cup of tea and Lachie, my 4 year old, comes up to me and says “what happened to your tummy Mummy”. Good lad! OK, beginning to feel my inner strength returning.

After getting the kids off to crèche and kinder, I drove into TCM and had my treatment. She validated everything I was feeling and told me to be strong. (I love the Chinese optimism!)

I haven’t fully explained the treatment process so I’ll take this opportunity to do that for anyone that is interested in undertaking this journey. Firstly, they lay you on your stomach and massage your back, neck and legs which is heaven and they certainly know how to seek out the sore points and work magic! Next they lay you on your back where you may have your head and face massaged or they move directly to what I like to call (and Jeanette who’s my little companion on this journey, also likes to call) “the baker kneading the bread dough” session.

This is when they massage your organs to stimulate them to release your toxins and break up the fat. It honestly feels like your stomach is some dough that is being kneaded. The first couple of times, it was uncomfortable in parts and I actually wanted to pass wind (I may or may not have – that’s up to you to decide). By Day 5, it’s actually quite comfortable and relaxing. Still a bizarre concept to grasp! After the kneading, comes the acupuncture. I’m experienced with acupuncture having used it at various times in my life to deal with back complaints, pregnancy related issues such as morning sickness, insomnia and lung complaints so it was nothing new.

For those uninitiated, it may seem a bit confronting to look like a pin cushion once all the needles have been placed! (There are about 20 in your stomach and 4 in your legs) There are points that are more sensitive than others and these can sting a bit but it’s only momentary and it usually means that these are the areas of your body that need the most stimulation. Then you get to have a little rest while the needles do their magic.

The rest part is my favourite! I’m actually trying to meditate a little which helps with the focus. I’m not as effective as I used to be at meditation being that it’s been a long time (before kids) since I’ve done it but I’m going to take this opportunity to actually work on it again with a view to be better at it by completion and to ensure it becomes a part of my daily regime again.

After all this, you are weighed... lo and behold on my lowest day, I lost almost 2kgs overnight! Focus is BACK! Next milestone.... 7 days, the halfway point.

Please note, the 101 Wellness Program is no longer available. Click here for more information on Traditional Chinese Medicine services.