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25 May 2013


Well, something soared but it wasn’t my energy! It was the minimal contents of my stomach! Yes, soared up and out of my mouth. It feels very similar to morning sickness, just an overwhelming tiredness and nausea feeling. On the positive side though, as I briefly mentioned, the energy levels do soar once the herbs start moving around your system. I wouldn’t say I’d like to run 10kms or swim the English Channel as it’s more of a focussed calm sort of energy, more akin to writing a 5000 word essay!

After a morning of running around after kids and attending to weekend activities and chores, I popped into TCM Australia for my daily treatment of massage and acupuncture. They alter your treatment to suit your state of mind and health so she concentrated on the nausea and treated that with a couple of acupuncture points in my wrists. Well, I normally love acupuncture but when my doctor hit that particular point, I almost went through the roof! She took it out after 10 seconds and stated that it had worked because of my sensitivity to it. I have to contest that I haven’t felt nauseous since.

When I left the doctor’s office, Jessica, the practice manager told me I need to rest more because the nausea feeling was normally related to poor sleep/rest. She referred to my “Top 12 Facts” sheet that gives you all sorts of tips on how to get through the process. I had to have a bit of a chuckle at her considering I’m a mum of one 18mth old little boy (who’s actually sick at the moment so sleep is minimal) and one 4 year old boy as well as running a consultancy business. There is another tip that says to stay away from beautiful smelling food and avoid shopping centres; another tip that’s a little tricky for me to grasp considering I prepare 3 meals a day for hubby and sons as well as do the shopping twice a week! I guess what I’m saying is that if I can complete this journey with my challenges, I think anyone can.

Everybody has their challenges, excuses or circumstances that they think may preclude them from undertaking something that will ultimately improve their life for the better but may seem apprehensive. Once you’ve made the decision, that’s half the battle; the other half of the battle is to remain focussed. I think I’m trying to talk myself into my next day!

Oh, forgot to mention (and this is almost secondary), I have only lost 900 grams TOTAL! 200grams by the second day and 500 grams the next. My motto shall now be: “Slow and steady wins the race”

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