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What Your Gaming Device Says About You

13 Mar 2016

Whether or not you were obsessed with Diddy Kong Racing, loved to visit Sega World or once thought that no gaming device would ever compare to your beloved Gameboy...each console is sure to reveal something unique about its game master. Here, what your game console probably says about you.

Xbox One

For the leaders. There's no such thing as being an over-achiever. You know how to dominate your online community, switch between profiles, games, socialise and rule and school your opponents. You live to keep at the top of your game and you take pride in having the latest Xbox and its prime game selection right at your fingertips, including exclusives Halo 5 Guardians and Forza Motorsport 6.

PlayStation 3

You're undoubtedly loyal and perseverant. You commit to Sony and while you were once a step ahead of the Xbox 360 with your Blu-Ray player, now you're behind but without fear, because you know your console is still one of the greatest there ever was. It's your way or the highway, because you know how to play solo - in fact, you prefer it. And games like Grand Theft Auto V, Dark Souls, Journey and Assassin's Creed IV are right up your alley.


Let's not kid ourselves, you don't really care too much about gaming...but you you do know how to have a good time. You're the party-goer and an avid entertainer, and you aim to please. You'd rather be outdoors or active than stuck in the same position twiddling your thumbs, which is why Wii simply works for you. You know how to keep a crowd satisfied and Wii Play, Wii Fit, Mario Party and Just Dance are just a few of your funky favourites.

Nintendo 64

The 90s is where you're lovin' at. You reminisce over the good ol' days when Nike sneakers, Michael Jordan, Saved By The Bell, Wayne's World, Leonardo DiCaprio, Destiny's Child and MC Hammer was all the flavour you needed when Home Alone. You're ultra cool and mostly calm, you're easy to get along with and would rather save the drama for a good game of GoldenEye 007. And lucky for you, you can just blow on your game to fix it…which we're sure you like to remind everyone of.


You're in a category of your own. Technically, you're not part of this list but you definitely account for a distinct majority. You're bold and difficult to persuade. You're a PC gamer and for you, this means consoles are of no value to you. You're most likely stuck inside World of Warcraft for hours on end, and you prove your calculative and precise skills both behind and away from your desktop.

Sega Dreamcast

Simply put, you really are old school. Sadly, this was Sega's last video game home console and we're sure you either soldiered on with this classic until the very end, or as a collector, you hunted the Dreamcast down because that's just how you roll. Either that, or you're afraid to admit that you're pretty much experiencing a disconnect from reality…after all, it is called the 'Dreamcast'.

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