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Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 28

19 Jun 2013

 Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 28

This, I realise, has been my downfall over the last few years as the only time I seem to focus on myself is when I'm working.  I seem to grab food on the run or graze when I'm preparing kids' meals, or eat their leftovers, then realise I'm hungry hours later and eat the wrong things.  I eat plenty of the right things but at the wrong times and without consciously doing it.  I do eat with the boys at dinner time most nights as that is our family time but I then eat their leftovers or grab a glass of wine.. it's just all of those little things that add up plus I NEVER make the time to excercise on my own.  (whereas I used to be an excercise freak!) Full of excuses I am - hubby works from 6am to 6pm... I don't want to be away from the kids for any longer than I have to, my back hasn't been right since Alex was born and the excuses just seemed very valid.  In actual fact they're not.  They're all fixable.  Change how I used to excercise, do it at home when the kids are asleep, spend more time on strengthening so the back improves... all fixable. 

It's amazing how reflective I've been these last few weeks and thinking about employing strategies to improve my life.  Funny, I thought I was happy with the way things were until I saw a more vibrant, cheerful, healthier me and realised how much I'd missed that me!!

Please note, the 101 Wellness Program is no longer available. Click here for more information on Traditional Chinese Medicine services.