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Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 14

05 Jun 2013

Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 14

I caught up with Dr Liu today and he is pleased with my progress. He also divulged what's on the menu for the next week.... I was right about cucumbers and eggs! I have to slowly introduce foods so my organs don't get overloaded and unfortunately I still have to take my lovely herbal concoction three times a day. I've actually become accustomed to the flavour and have to say, I'd probably miss it if I wasn't taken it considering the effect it has on my energy levels and wellbeing. 

The first two days I'm allowed to have cucumber, then introduce protein (either egg or chicken) and then veggies. I have a slight hiccup in that we're away in the Yarra Valley for hubby's birthday, which is OK, it just means my eating plan has to be amended so I can enjoy some food (to a certain extent). So you're life doesn't have to stop just because you're on a program, you just have to enjoy things in moderation and amend the eating plan. (ie have 2 days of no eating and just herbs to compensate)

From here on in, I'll only write once a week as the hard yards are over and I think you now understand the basic principles/fundamentals of the program.... I'll touch base and advise how I went over the Yarra Valley weekend and how controlled I was! (eek)

Please note, the 101 Wellness Program is no longer available. Click here for more information on Traditional Chinese Medicine services.