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How Optus' Business Builder Can Help You

15 Jan 2017

How Optus' Business Builder Can Help You


Optus presents Business Builder, "the discount that grows as your business does", which means the bigger your business grows - the bigger the discount. Win-win!

Business Builder enables you to connect two or more eligible plans to an existing account. And when you do so, you can save up to 20%.

This renowned discount proves particularly beneficial for start-up businesses and small company owners alike, as it saves you the stress from having hefty added costs when you expand. It truly is, the discount that has your success covered.


You're eligible for the Business Builder discount when you have a current ABN or ACN. Here, you're also required to "sign up at least two eligible Business plans on the same account". It's also important to remember, this discount is only applicable for new or reconstructed business services.

And for those who would like to create their "own mix of mobiles and SIM Only plans with a bundle tailor-made for your business", you can use the Optus Business Builder Tool.


  • Add 2 NEW Plans - Receive a 5% Plan Fee Discount
  • Add 3 NEW Plans - Receive a 10% Plan Fee Discount
  • Add 4-9 NEW Plans - Receive a 15% Plan Fee Discount
  • Add 10+ NEW Plans - Receive a 20% Plan Fee Discount


To answer all your questions regarding the Optus Business Builder, to decide which plan is best for your company or to explore the options, 'speak to a business specialist' at your nearest Optus store if you're looking for kentico seo.

At Pran Central's Optus World, open 7 days a week, a professional and passionate team are always ready to help you thrive. Walk in, contact the store or find out more.

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