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One that allows amazing things to happen. That's why we're bringing it back. Not just in words, but in our attitude. And it all starts with what we can do for you, today. Like yes to constantly improving our network. Yes to creating new mobile plans that work with how you actually use your phone. And yes to doing everything humanly possible to help you feel good about being with us. Yes, it's a big ambition. But it's about to start changing things, for the better. You have our word.

We're saying yes to flexibility - by changing the way we charge on our mobile plans. With a new Optus My Plan, if you go over your talk or data limit, we'll just move you up to the next level for the month. So a little extra could save you heaps in excess fees. We're putting in the work to constantly improve our network. We promise to have our heads down and our sleeves rolled up. We do it so you can clearly hear your sweetie-pie on the phone, and enjoy the Internet stuff you love - and wait less. We like giving you a little extra. It gives us the warm and fuzzies. We offer our customers movie vouchers for only $10 and Qantas points when you spend on most Optus products. Prepaid customers may also get extra goodies every time they recharge their credit.

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