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Ways To Recover From The Festive Season

13 Jan 2016

Finding it hard to shake those Christmas cravings? After days of leftovers, food comas and sugar overdoses, we’d like our former bodies back please! And with the new year ahead, there’s no greater time to go get it. Here, our easy guide for how to recover from the festive season.

Juice Cleanse

If you're still full from that carb overload and all those desserts, then a juice cleanse proves the perfect cold pressed solution for easing a heavier stomach and overall detoxifying your system. At Melbourne's first cold pressed organic elixir bar, Greene Street Juice Co., you'll find a specialised range of purely organic cold pressed elixirs, each serving a different purpose for fulfilling your mind and body's needs. With popular items like the detoxifying delight 'The Bronx', metabolism booster 'Enlightening Liberty', exercise pusher 'Mover + Shaker' and weight loss wonder 'Love + Light' on the menu, you're sure to find something perfect for you. And the awesome news is that cold pressed juice is significantly beneficial in many ways, you'll understand how here.

Clean Eating

As the brand name suggests, your healthier life is just a shelf away because at renowned health food retailer, Healthy Life, you'll find a prosperous range of natural health products ready to assist and boost your immune system when you are. Healthy Life's available range includes organic and whole foods, allergy-free foods, drinks and herbal teas, supplements, sports nutrition and Superfoods, which not only supercharge your diet and increase your metabolism, but also improve your overall health - and you can read more about why they're so marvellous here.


Whether you've done it before or would like to start now, Pilates proves the perfect, powerful exercise movement for calming both your body and mind. Boot your body back into shape with a yoga session, Pilates or another fitness class at KAYA Health Clubs. After just one session of Pilates, you'll benefit from having a stronger core, more balance and flexibility, increased brain power and overall better body technique. You can read more about its awesomeness here.


Achieve greater balance and attain better discipline over your diet and lifestyle with acupuncture, which offers a natural alternative by way of accomplishing pain relief. During a typical acupuncture session, very thin needles are gradually inserted at specific points of the patient's body, and depending on the needs of the individual, at different depths also. At wellbeing centre Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture along with massage therapy, herbal remedies, cupping and other services are presented as a holistic and natural approach to treatment, and are each composed within a clean and safe clinical environment using state-of-the-art equipment.

U Pharmacy

Revitalise your system with the essential heath vitamins you need to get your body back into shape and running just as you remembered. And regardless of your personal preference, you'll find everything you need at U Pharmacy for whether you need to replenish, re-boost, detoxify and more.

Say hello to the New Year!