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What's Vegan at Bakers Delight

15 Feb 2019

What's Vegan at Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight Vegan Healthy Solutions

The Healthy Solutions range of products is stocked with more than 35 vegan options. These include chia-based buns and loaves, along with hi-fibre and hi-protein choices. Don’t forget the vegan cape seed roll, Lekkerbrot roll, and cranberry and nut Fit2Go Bar.

Vegan Artisan Collection

Fans of the Bakers Delight Artisan Collection will find more than 50 fabulous vegan choices. Many items from the Turkish bread family are vegan, as are yummy sourdough and continental breads and rolls. Top off the Bakers Delight vegan list in the Artisan collection with Pane di Casa Vienna roll, olive loaf or olive dinner roll.

Vegan Everyday Classics

More than 45 fresh-baked goodies in the Everyday Classics range are vegan at Bakers Delight. Much-loved options here include many white bread options, wholemeal and spelt. The versatile French baguette is likewise vegan, rounding out the classics with a wildly popular pick.

Vegan Sweet Range

When you’re sweet tooth is seeking a vegan treat, Bakers Delight has you covered. The three dozen or so options include vegan fun buns, fruit loaves, scrolls and the mouth-watering vegan apple walnut swirl.

Vegan Savoury Range

Vegan white sub rolls are one of the highlights on the Bakers Delight vegan list in the shop’s Savoury range. Here’s where you’ll also find pizza bases and more.

Vegan Seasonal Range

When the holidays hit, Bakers Delight vegan products are right there with them. Three different types of vegan hot cross buns are at your service.

All told, you’ll easily find more than 150 fresh-baked breads, sweets and treats on the Bakers Delight vegan list at any time of the year. Pay a visit to Pran Central today to experience them firsthand.