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O-Bun, Your New Food Crush

12 Dec 2018

My appetite don't want none unless you got buns hun? Well lucky for us both, Pran Central's O-Bun are bringing all the buns, flavours, fillings and freshness you need to really hit the spot. Here, why Bao Buns are our latest food crush and your next pitt stop.

Featured in 'The BBC Good Food trends forecast 2016', the Bao, originally known as 'The Baozi' is a Chinese steamed bun filled with authentic Asian flavours and ingredients. O-Bun fittingly identify 'Bao' as a "pillowy soft cloudy steamed bun" and for great reason. Since Bao is steamed and not baked, it attains a beautifully fluffy, robust and soft texture, which in fact, appears just like a soft (mini-sized) pillow or cloud.

Looks aside, the taste is where your money's at. Bite into this little bountiful bun of joy and instantly receive a sensational delight. In addition to its unique dough, sugar plays a major role in how this sweetness is achieved. With several adaptations of the Bao Bun worldwide, it's no wonder people can't wait to eat it. In China, the Bao Bun is a popular street food common at breakfast and brunch, partially because unlike most Chinese foods, you can actually eat it with your hands.

Bringing a fresh take to the table and "not as grandma remembers", O-Bun's steaming hot bao buns are the culmination of traditional mixed with a modern twist. With enhanced freshness, flavours and a quality so superb you'll be coming back for seconds, O-Bun is the place to jump on the bao bandwagon. Check out their hot menu, we highly recommend favourites like the pork belly or the buttermilk fried chicken bao for the perfect lunch. If that's not enough to convince you, did we mention their famous Nutella bun? Or their one-of-a-kind Ben & Jerry's ice-cream bun? Yes you read right, our dreams just came true.

Ready to float on cloud nine? Try the real deal at Pran Central's O-Bun, open 7 days a week, for a modern take on this steaming hot pleasure, or in the meantime, feast your eyes on daily updates.



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