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The Beauty Of Bread

The Beauty Of Bread


If you take a look at the new Australian 'Healthy Eating Pyramid' via Nutrition Australia, you'll see that bread is part of the grains food group, which alongside vegetables, legumes and fruits, accounts for the largest portion (70%) of this pyramid. This pyramid provides an easy-to-follow guide for recommending what the average adult, aged 19 - 50, should consume every day.


Bread proves an exceptional source of fibre through its vitamins, minerals and proteins, and is a vital part of any healthy, well-balanced diet. It's important to remember that the pyramid does not mean you need "sweet breads", but instead, specifies wholemeal, wholegrain and high fibre varieties.

The conception that bread makes you put on weight is most true in the case of sweet breads, which are high in calories, added sugars and saturated fats - for example, banana bread, cinnamon rolls, berry scrolls and custard buns. These types of sweet bread are not part of a healthy diet.

Whereas complex carbohydrates, which we mentioned earlier, such as wholegrain and other enriched breads, contain micronutrients like iron and riboflavin, and when inclusive of nuts or seeds - they also provide additional nutrition. Among a long list of benefits, wholegrain breads remarkably contain Vitamin B, which significantly affects your body's ability to convert food into energy. High-fibre breads are renowned for aiding digestion, and preventing bloating and cramping. According to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, a high-fibre diet can also decrease the risk of esophageal cancer.


Not only is bread nutritious, delicious and part of several cultures, but it also makes the perfect (and easiest) addition as an appetiser, complementary to a main, in sweet form as dessert and of course, is just awesome by itself! It's easy to make, bake and take - or easier put, bought fresh and ready to eat.

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You breader believe it!