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Top Items to Try at Simply Indian

31 Oct 2018

Top Items to Try at Simply Indian

With so many enticing menu items, it may be tough to decide which option to try from Simply Indian restaurant at Pran Central Shopping Centre. While you can’t go wrong with anything you pick, you can start with one of the top five items that many customers rate as their all-time favourites.

Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is a true Indian delicacy, although it’s not one you often find at many restaurants. It’s ready and waiting for you at Simply Indian, featuring the deep flavours for which the scrumptious meal is known. Tender chicken is served up in a dreamy tomato sauce containing a marvelous mingling of Indian spices.

Cauliflower and Potato

The tangy spices of Simply Indian dishes work especially well when they’re infused through robust vegetables, and you can’t get much more robust than a combination of cauliflower and potato. As one of the most filling and fulfilling options on the menu, this customer favourite features a vegan-friendly dose of vegetables done up in Indian style.

Potato, Peas and Curry

Hearty, healthy and a hugely delicious, the potato, peas and curry dish is the epitome of Indian comfort food. Fresh potatoes and peas make the perfect match for the delightful spices of Simply Indian’s homemade curry, providing a savory sensation with every bite.

Chicken Tikka Roll

Chicken Tikka Rolls are both hugely popular and easy-to-eat. The dish consists of boneless chicken cascaded in an array of delicious spices served with a smattering of salad and fresh-baked naan. The naan is rolled to embrace the fillings while providing a convenient finger food for lunch on the go.



Top off your Simply Indian meal with a simply delicious homemade lassi. Flavours include either mango or rose, and both yoghurt-based drinks add a smooth, cool complement to a spicy dish. Not sure which flavour to try? Get one with your meal, and another later as a snack.

Start your Simply Indian adventure with one of these top menu items and you'll soon be writing up your own list of your favourite dishes. Stop by for lunch or dinner at Pran Central today. Open 7 days!