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Types Of Yoga For Beginners

Types Of Yoga For Beginners

Hatha Yoga

This gentle type of yoga focuses on physical postures, providing a classic approach to yoga movements and breathing. Beginners are treated to an introduction to yoga through a mixture of static poses and flowing movements, ideal for finding their footing – both figuratively and literally. A Hatha yoga class leaves students feeling loose, relaxed and grounded.

Yin Yoga

Another Prahran yoga option suitable for beginners, Yin yoga provides a quiet and meditative practice that focuses on the body’s deep connective tissues. Beginners learn to hold several different poses for an extended length of time, which allows muscles to relax and the body to settle fully into each pose. Yin yoga brings on a soothing calm to the body and mind while enhancing flexibility, mobility and energy flow.

Yoga Nidra

Deep relaxation is the focus of yoga Nidra, and this type of yoga provides it for your body and mind. This practice involves lying on your back with your eyes closed while you’re guided through the yoga Nidra method. An ideal way to balance the flow of life force, Nidra is typically practiced at the end of other yoga classes in Prahran as a tranquil way to bring your session to a close.

Vinyasa Yoga (When You're Ready to Advance)

Powerful and packed with cardiovascular benefits, Vinyasa yoga may only be suitable for beginners if they’re ready to move onward to a more challenging yoga practice. This type of yoga focuses on using flow to move vigorously between poses, synchronising each movement with your breath. It brings on high levels of energy, but also requires it, as it provides quite a workout.

Whether you’re a brand-new beginner to yoga or a beginner ready for the next phase, Kaya Health Clubs offers yoga Prahran residents can enjoy. Check out the schedule of classes; stop by the Pran Central location today.