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Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 11

02 Jun 2013

Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Wellness Program Day 11

I really need to stop making such delicious food for my family. It’s like some form of torture to watch them devour homemade pizzas, chicken and leek pie, fish and chips, vegetable and feta bake. Sigh. I know I’m not supposed to dip my finger in but I have to admit I have on a few occassions just to have TASTE.

Hubby and I are planning a weekend trip to the Yarra Valley next weekend for his 40th. Not the smartest idea when I’m on such a program but by then, I’ll be incorporating food. (Not sure WHAT that food will be – I’ve heard rumours of cucumber and eggs) I’ve printed out the menu from the restaurant we’ll be visiting and chosen my meals already. Just a little bit excited!!!

As far as treatment goes, Dr David has moved on from massaging my belly and is now massaging and kneading away the flabby bits on my thighs, hips and love handles.  Apparently my belly is doing what it should be! I'm forever fascinated with their methodology. 

3 days to go.... need food now.

Please note, the 101 Wellness Program is no longer available. Click here for more information on Traditional Chinese Medicine services.