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Why Shoe Care is a Foot Saver

01 Jan 2017

Why Shoe Care is a Foot Saver


For Braving The Outdoors

No one likes getting their heels stuck. Whether it's the grass, between the cracks, dirt or even slippery surfaces, heel tips are your best friend. And when it comes to heels and the outdoors, you'll especially need these little beauties. Conveniently small and easy to pack into your handbag, Wittner's Heel Tips come in three sizes: Small (7mm wide heel), Medium (8mm wide heel) and Large (9mm wide heel), available in both black and clear.


For Saving Your Shoes

Sometimes there's no compromise, and we just can't let a pair go - even if they're tight. But putting on a tight pair of shoes shouldn't mean squishing your fingers each time, or potentially damaging the fabric. Thankfully, the Shoe Horn was designed to help you carefully put on and take off your shoes - particularly ideal for fragile materials.


For An Irresistible Polish

If you know how to care for a good pair of leather shoes, then you know they can live quite a long life. Treat your leather shoes with apt shoe care like Wittner's Leather Creme, available in neutral, white and black, designed to help remove marks and clean the leather for an overall smooth shine. All you need is this Creme and a cloth, and voilĂ !


For Added Comfort

The balls of our feet can endure a lot of pressure, and without sufficient support, you can experience maximum discomfort. This is where Wittner's re-usable Premium Gel Cushions help, as they provide additional comfort for the balls of your feet, enabling greater breathability and an overall securer fit. And if you're prone to blisters or instead desire greater support for the heels of your feet, then the Heel Grips are a must!


For Adding Room

If you wish your leather shoes would give a little, then your prayers have been answered. With the exclusive Stretch Spray from Wittner, specially designed for leather shoes, you'll be on your way to attaining the most comfortable fit. If suitable for your shoes, this Spray enables greater room for the added comfort your feet can truly cherish.

For whatever the occasion, you'll find all the shoe care, accessories and divine shoes your feet deserve at Pran Central's Wittner Shoes, open 7 days a week, located on the Ground Floor.

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