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Massage Therapy Near You for Full-Body Bliss

Massage Therapy Near You for Full-Body Bliss

Full-Body Massage Benefits

Therapy Zone's full-body massage is a type of relaxation massage, and it can provide a much-needed time out during a busy week. Full-body massage therapy is designed to relax muscles while promoting a smooth and tranquil energy flow that eases your entire being.

In addition to bringing on serenity and bliss, a full-body massage can help with:

  • Detoxification, providing positive restorative results while helping to eliminate unnecessary acids in the body
  • Quality of sleep, which improves with the muscle stretching and flexing used during massage therapy
  • Circulation, as manipulation actively moves blood through the body to lower-flowing areas
  • Stress levels, by reducing them at the physical, psychological, emotional and cellular levels

Pain management is another benefit of full-body massage therapy, as are increased energy levels, improved concentration and enhancement of overall wellbeing.

Therapy Zone offers full-body massage in 40-minute and 60-minute sessions, with a limited-time special offer on now.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

To take your bliss to an even deeper level, hot stone massage adds a layer of healing to a full-body massage. Heated, smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm up and release stiff muscles while balancing body energy.

Because hot stones expand the blood vessels, blood circulation is improved throughout the body. The hot stones’ sedative effect is helpful for easing chronic pain, decreasing stress and promoting a deep relaxation.

Both types of massage therapy are available at Therapy Zone at Pran Central, and both promise to deliver lasting rewards. You’ll find Therapy Zone near Sugar Bowl CafĂ© in Pran Central Shopping Centre. Book your appointment today for the bliss you so richly deserve.