5 Ways To Damage Your Phone

There's no worse feeling than hearing a smart phone being dropped. Here's 5 common ways you can damage your phone.



You know how the saying goes "if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen"? Well, just make sure you take your phone with you. Leaving your smartphone or device in direct sunlight for an extended period of time can cause several problems including a dead battery, slowed functionality and in some extreme cases, the battery may even explode - though, more likely after overheating a few times.


Whether you drop your phone in the toilet, a puddle of rain or just spill water on top, the chances are - that'll cost you. Water damage is one of the most popular (and most powerful) ways to ruin your phone. How can you prevent this? We highly recommend investing in a waterproof case, especially if you lead a rather active life outdoors.


No, you probably aren't the 10th million viewer and no, you didn't just win a lifetime of cash, but maybe what you really just won is a nasty virus. Be cautious and remember, if the sight isn't known - don't trust it. Unlicensed apps and unprotected sites can breed all the malware, nasty viruses and harmful codes, which can enter your smartphone's data, that you need to avoid. Update your software regularly as these updates aim to fix bugs and improve security, while cleaning your malware using a licensed and renowned app may prove highly beneficial.


If you work in a hands-on environment or are just plain clumsy, then do your best to stop your phone from having grave internal damage, a shattered screen or both, because you just couldn't catch it in time. It may sound simple, but we've all been there. When a phone is dropped, we sometimes "get lucky" and the screen's okay, but in most cases, a part of that device you cherished - doesn't make it. Don't wait for the signs like blurriness, delayed functionality or failure to turn on, to worsen. Take your phone into your nearest mobile repairs shop and have it checked. It also pays to have a screen protector and a solid case for protecting both the interior and exterior.


Though this may be the least palpable way of the list, it is definitely worth noting - particularly depending on the model and year of your smartphone. Overcharging your battery not only weakens its life for future use, but can also lessen its functionality if dependent on recharging at a certain point. In addition, overcharging can potentially cause your phone to overheat, which mentioned before - can be dangerous. Great ways to avoid this include charging only when your phone's near shutting down, selecting the power saver option or 'low battery' mode if you using an iPhone, closing Apps and windows you're not using and further lowering your screen's brightness.

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