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Vegan Chocolate, Organic, Fair Trade and Dairy Free

Feel good this Easter with Vegan Easter eggs and more. Healthy Life has increased its range of vegan, organic, fair trade and dairy free chocolates. They have also put together a great guide to an ethical Easter.

The guide covers a range of tips and talking points:

  1. Stick to real chocolate
  2. The darker the better
  3. Beware of sugar
  4. Eat small and spread it out
  5. Eat well
  6. Feel well
  7. Go Dairy Free
  8. Buy Fair
  9. Enjoy Easter

A few products from the Healthy Life range

Carob Kitchen Mini Easter Eggs

Photo: Healthy Life - Carob Kitchen Mini Easter Eggs

Loving Earth Boobook Eggs

Photo: Healthy Life - Loving Earth Boobook Eggs

Alpha Dairy Free Eggs

Photo: Healthy Life - Alpha Dairy Free Eggs

Read the full article: The Good Egg: Healthy Life’s Guide to an Ethical Easter

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