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Straight Outta Italy: Joylati You Must Have

13 Apr 2016

Straight outta Italy, Chapel street's latest Gelateria, Joylati, brings to Melbourne a homemade and authentic Italian range of the finest flavours, whipping art, passion and love into the batch. Here, how Joylati are putting the 'Joy' in Gelateria and why their Italian Gelato is simply unmatched.

When restaurants and cafes say you'll have "a taste of Italy", this time it is undoubtedly true. Opened in March this year, their business may be new, but Joylati owners, Cristino Vedovato and Fabrizio Locatelli, are not new to the business. Reigning from Piedmont, Northern Italy where they run a Gelateria for 15 years, the pair made a brave move to Melbourne and now, from 9am - late everyday at Pran Central, they smile and deliver the real taste of Italian artisan gelato to you.

"We believe you should know where your food comes from. We’re inspired by the seasons, good fruits and the natural benefits of organic milk and eggs. Our vintage vertical machines and meticulous, slow process result in the best possible quality. Using a traditional pozzetti fridge means you can’t see our gelati, but it’s the best way to preserve texture and flavour." 

At Joylati, pure is best as their handmade gelato beautifully embodies organic milk, fresh fruit and raw organic sugar, which means greater preservation and a superior quality you can taste (and drool over). In addition to their superior gelato-making process and unique and organic ingredients, Joylati exclusively offer a remarkable range of more than 25 flavours each time, while inviting you to soak up this gelato bar's gorgeous ambience of arty decor, warm vibes and natural lighting peaking through, as you smell the delectable aroma of traditional recipes.

And how can we not mention the chocolate fountain? Or their Vegan Pistacchio gelato with organic rice milk? Or the Sorbet? Soy-free? Dairy-free? Gluten-free?! And even the waffle cones and mini cones are vegan! So for the gelato lovers, the health-conscious, the vegans and those who just appreciate the sweeter things in life, Joylati is sure to hit the spot and leave you beaming on your way out. 

Popular flavours on the menu include: Pistacchio (100% Pure Sicilian), Crema (Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans), Nocciola (Piedmont Hazelnuts), Bacio, Stracciatella (Pure Milk With Chocolate Chips), Amarena (Black Cerries), Salted Caramel (With Murray River Gourmet Pink Salt), Cassata Siciliana (Riccotta & Candied Fruits).

Photography: Gareth Sobey